Box Office

As the domestic box office reports Clint Eastwood’s movie ‘American Sniper’ has already earned $200.1 million and it continues to break new records. What is the secret?

From one point of view Clint Eastwood described a war veteran who didn’t lost hands or legs, but lost his soul. The script is very powerful and if you didn’t pay your attention to the words while watching this movie, you should go to the Cinema and watch it one more time. But it’s all about the character and plot development.

And here appears another side of the movie. It seems that Eastwood simply doesn’t want to describe the actual “problem” and go deep describing the questionable reasons to start this war. Such conceptions as ‘hero’ and ‘narration’ are seemed to be much more important to the director. And as a result a serious film turned into one more Hollywood action movie.

Nevertheless, it’s up to you to decide – is ‘American Sniper’ a cautionary tale about why we always must avoid war or is it an impressive story of a national hero.

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