ariana-grande-puppy-sirius-blake-000 ariana-grande-puppy-sirius-blake-001

Ariana Grande is a serious dog-lover. She already has 5 dogs, and this weekend she got the 6th one. Ariana named the puppy, after a Harry Potter character, Sirius Black. Now we know that Ariana is also a HUGE Harry Potter fan. Lol!

She immediately¬†shared his picture in teh Instagram and wrote a comment: “Sirius black newest member of the puppy posse ……. the puppy breath is out of this world I am going to be the Edie Beale of dogs.”

Except Sirius, Grande already has Cinnamon, Coco, Fawkes, Ophelia and Toulouse four-legged friends.

Ariana admits “I love all my pups equally but I really do think Toulouse and I are connected on a soul level.”


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