Selfie as public health campaign? It may sound strange, but UK cancer support organisation Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust hopes to raise awareness about the disease among young women  in such way. Remember, the main aim of the Ice Bucket Challenge was to spread awareness and raise funds for ALS research and it’s impossible to deny it became one of the most successful viral campaigns we’ve seen. So, the #smearforsmear  campaign has all chances to repeat its success.

Georgia May Jagger became the first celebrity who posted a ‘smeared selfie’ with #smearforsmear. She also encouraged her friend and fellow models to smugle the lipstick across their faces and post their selfies on social media. In her Instagram she wrote: “Cervical Cancer Campaign #smearforsmear @JoTrust I nominate @sukiwaterhouse @caradelevingne@jasminebydesign” So, if you are subscribed to the celebrity Instagrams, don’t be surprise to see a lot of such selfies soon.

The stars want to draw women’s attention to the problem of cervical cancer, suggesting to visit the gynecologist should every six months. A timely visit to the doctor can save not only your nerve cells, but also your life.

If you also want to take a part in this challenge, you need:

1. Apply your lopstick

2. Smugle the lipstick across your face

3. Use #smearforsmear and @JoTrust

4. Nominate three of your friends

5. Share your selfie on social media (Twitter and Instagram are recommended)


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